What we work for in life? Busy … busy for what purpose? Live on purpose.

What we actually WANT in life? Be honest.

All big dreams start with one simple try. 12 actual life stories. Read the stories …

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What So Special of Our Plan?

Not The Same Old Network Model

OLD Plan: Oldest and most common plan in market is stairstep breakaway plan. After meeting certain criteria, a distributor is breaks away from original sponsor.
OUR Plan: Binary plan is one of the newest invention.

How online network marketing Innovation

OLD Plan: The plan is sometimes complicated to explain to new customers as many qualifying rules.
OUR Plan: The plan is simple and easy to understand.

How online network marketing Simplicity

OLD Plan: Need to maintain personal consumption and monthly sales target to qualify for commissions. Sales target reset to 0 every month.
OUR Plan: Maintain personal consumption to qualify.

How online network marketing Maintenance

OLD Plan: Tend to keep stock to hit personal sales target month by month. It results in unreasonably high personal purchase.
OUR Plan: No need to keep stock as customers purchase product through our online shop and delivered by company in more than 100 countries.

How online network marketing Stock

OLD Plan: Limited by area. The company is operate worldwide but your team cannot cross country. You need to register for different accounts in different countries.
OUR Plan: Only one account to reach one world with one online platform.

How online network marketing World Wide

OLD Plan: Using traditional door-to-door method. Running everywhere to hit sales target to qualify for payout.
OUR Plan: Internet technology is friend, including social media technology and smartphone apps.

How online network marketing Technology

But, I still struggling in my plan.
With bicycle, 1 hour we can go until 10km. With car, we go until 100km. With plane, we can go for 1000km. Same person with same effort but different platform, the results is different. It's technology. Choose the right platform. It's like choose the correct lane during traffic jam.

How online network marketing Platform

But, I'm afraid. Not dare to start.
A man asked: "Have you plant wheat?" Farmer: "No, I afraid no rain." The man: "Have you plant corn?" Farmer: "No, I afraid insects will eat the corns." The man: "What have you plant?" Farmer: "I plant nothing. I want to make sure everything is safe."
For a person who is not willing to start, not successful is just a normal thing.

How online network marketing Start

But, I don't have time, connection. I feel shame, not good in talking …
10 tools will be given solving the problems. It's your life and your decision. At the end of the day, we're going to look in the mirror to see what we've done in our life. Right now, we're still alive. Make it count!

How online network marketing It's Life

STOP thinking door to door. Think GLOBAL. Think INTERNET.

10 Tools Duplicated For My Team

One Decision

"When you're not sure, flip a coin because while the coin is in the air, you realize which one you're actually hoping for."

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People are not duplicatable, but systems and processes are. It's simple.

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